Wastewater Heavy ion metals decontamination with Ion

Exchange Resins: TARNiţa closed mine pollution case




Project Abstract



            The rationale for the research is that mine tailing and metals pollution of waters which is a major problem globally, and it has been identified as a priority research task for the forest polluted areas in Romania. The goal of this project is to determine feasibility and efficacy of remediation methods based on ion exchange resins with high affinity toward heavy metals on Tarnita polluted area. Risk assessments at Tarnita site reveal that metal contamination is the greatest risk to human and forest health. The proposed research is the synthesis of ion exchange resins based on acrylic copolymers and the tuning the resins properties to obtain selective and supersorbent materials for remove heavy metal ions from wastewaters (Tarnița mine contaminated case), applying/learning different reliable and modern methods for investigation of the sorbent and sorbate characteristics. Measurements will be addressed to the determination of metal concentrations in waters. Results from this project will be disseminated in many ways (international/national conferences, ISI papers and project web site).

              The aim of WHIERTARN is to expand their current range of applications in the field of wastewater treatment, specific for Tarnita problematics. Therefore, it is expected that this project can bring important contributions to the development of materials and methods for decontamination of some major environmental pollutants such as heavy metal ions using reusable ion exchange resins based on acrylic copolymers. Ion exchange resins represent an important category of synthetic polymers with wide applicability to selectively removing metal ions and display a large range of complexation properties due to electrostatic and steric effects.

         The mutually knowledge transfer between me, as the project leader, and the supervisor will rely in obtaining sorption materials using effective preparation procedures providing original and innovative low cost, efficient, and environmentally friendly sorbent for Tarnita wastewaters polluted with heavy metal ions.



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